I have been taking intermediate level Japanese lessons from Haru for over a year and really enjoy her lessons. Haru is always friendly and helpful, and has very good knowledge of Japanese culture. We use ‘“Minna no NIhongo” as our textbook, but Haru always supplements it with customised news articles and essays on Japanese culture to make my studies more interesting. I especially appreciate how Haru always challenges me to make my Japanese more natural. She writes a lot of original study material that cannot be found in textbooks, so that I could get more exposure to how native Japanese speakers talk and write. I always look forward to our weekly Japanese lesson! (Lauren, 2016) 
"I have been studying Japanese with Shimanami College for over a year now. Due to work and other commitments, I did not have time to attend group classes or formal courses. Shimanami College offered an excellent alternative by providing flexible online learning. I was able to select an instructor who matched my learning style and tailor the course content according to my level and interests. All in all, I have found Shimanami College to be an effective, professional and personable learning platform. I have learnt so much over the past year and had a lot of fun learning it." (Jacqui,2016)